Select Services’ Pigeon Control gets rid of birds by baiting, trapping and spiking. We serve homes and businesses. We also have long-term pigeon management plans available.

Pigeons can be harmful to your property!

Do you have a residential or commercial property with palm trees? If so, you are a prime target for pigeons once the fruit starts to blossom. One single pair of pigeons left unchecked will create a mess around your home or business with fecal matter scattered everywhere. Not only will pigeon droppings deface roofs, sidewalks, and storefronts, the fecal matter can also contribute to health concerns for your family and customers. Many problems, from asthma to the West Nile Virus, have been linked to these pests. We get rid of these birds by baiting, trapping and spiking your home or business. We also have long-term pigeon management plans available.

For long term pigeon control, we have a very effective birth control program. This program is so effective that the Clark County Parks and Recreation Department is using this treatment. Pigeons will also nest in your palm trees beneath the “wooden pineapples” called petiole bases. They create a home for themselves and their future generations.

Select Services can also help alleviate attraction to your palm trees with the use of our De-Fruiting service.

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