As a Las Vegas business owner, you already know that you’re expected to conform to high standards. Keep your customers, employees, and health codes satisfied by offering a clean, pest-free environment. At Select Services, we specialize in treating all types of Commercial Pest Control and multifamily establishments, including:

  • Apartment complexes: includes treatment of common areas as well as individual apartments
  • Office buildings:includes common areas like break rooms and restrooms as well as individual offices
  • Warehouses: thorough treatments into all the nooks and crannies, no matter the size
  • Retail centers: includes stores, salons, spas, etc., to make sure your customers receive the highest standard of cleanliness
  • Medical centers: includes hospitals, labs, small practices, and elder care facilities to keep your patients happy
  • Day care facilities: thorough pest control services to keep the little ones safe and healthy
  • Restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc.: superior services to ensure that you comply with healt code standards as well as your customers’ expectations
  • Schools: Our commercial pest control service plans can be customized to your specific commercial pest control needs.